In February of 2014, I was called by God to be a Pastor.  Early in my twenties, God’s Spirit revealed I was being blessed with the gift of teaching.  I was directed by God to reveal my calling to the lead Pastor at the large church I attended so I could begin the process of becoming a Pastor.  God blessed me with visionary direction for the church, as well as direction from His Spirit.  Signs and wonders were present in this church as a witness to my calling.  However, the church leaders made the decision to suppress God’s miraculous evidence.

God revealed to me that Christians are not to convert Muslims (and vice versa) unless specifically guided by God’s Spirit to a specific person.  Over a year ago I began studying the Qur’an and came to a fuller understanding of our relationship as “People of the Book.  Because of my writings regarding acceptance of Muslims, and defense of  civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan who experience the after affects of depleted uranium and enriched uranium bombs dropped by U.S. and British forces (the latter not approved by the Geneva Convention) many Muslims from Middle Eastern countries began liking a Facebook page I manage. God directed me to begin teaching from the Qur’an and the Bible to reveal spiritual teachings which would enlighten both Christians and Muslims.

The church I was called to be a Pastor in continues to inappropriately describe Islam as a religion of violence to the 10,000 members.  Because the Pastors have suppressed His witness, and are refusing to obey His direction through the Holy Spirit, God is taking the spiritual blessing away from the Christians, and giving it to the Muslims.  Through Allah’s direction, I converted to Islam in September 2016.  Through continued studies of Islam and the Qur’an I am finding Islam to be a beautiful religion of peace, and the core teachings to be similar to the teachings of Jesus.

My brothers and sisters of all the monotheistic religions, we are to be united in bonds of love and acceptance – this is according to Allah’s will.  By revelation, Allah is moving us on a path towards each other where we will express His love in action to accomplish His purpose on earth.

السلام عليكم

Peace be upon you.

falling 1 image

Fly on the Breezes by Sheryl Martin

Fly up on the breezes

of the Spirit’s wisdom

aloft and soaring,

higher than the cages of culture,

higher than human understanding.

It is in the landing,

where feet tread dangerously,

human souls locked in death

seek their prey.

For flesh is mortal

but the Spirit can’t be held

in dirty human hands,

light cannot be held by darkness

God is not bound by Satan.

Joy raises itself up

into the realms of love,

where light will hold it

beyond the veil

where the Beloved awaits His bride.



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