To Your Knees (Ghazal)

She doesn’t care for your soul, and will bring you to your knees,
siren of Satan, weak men-she will sing you to your knees.

Weakened King David, he saw her bathing there on the roof,
forgetting God, forgetting truth-prophet: “King to your knees.”

Oh Sampson, you would not marry Hebrew’s righteous daughters,
tempted by lust instead, the enemy’s sting to your knees.

Solomon not wise as he lived with his hundreds of wives,
worshiping their foreign idols, empty thing to your knees.

The righteous woman is more precious than jewels, a rare pearl
who will raise you up to the throne-not fling you to your knees.

Weak women weaken you further, your soul sucked dry as bone,
you have forgotten God; death is not the thing, to your knees.

Her hair in the sunlight, burnished gold; the gift of herself-
body, heart and soul, thankful to Allah, Salat-to your knees.

Jeff Buckley singing Hallelujah


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