From the Stuff of Stardust


 We are the stuff of stardust created by God out of the same molecules and atoms as dirt.  And, just like worms, we squirm through the darkness of the mud of our physical world.  His hands lovingly formed the earth clay into human forms, fired the forms in His kiln of fire, painted beautiful colors as the base coat of culture, and then the beautiful, detailed fine details of religion.  The forms are then re-fired to enhance the human creativity of His purposed vessel.  Slowly, he pours His Divine light into the forms, and what began as clay, is transformed into chalices holding aged wine, ready for the Beloved’s royal wedding feast.

The pattern of the infilling of the form is found throughout if one has eyes to perceive it.  There is the form of religion which is created from human expression through ritual and art, but within the form dwells the true knowledge of God, for those who can move up out of the mud of their physical existence.  There is the form of various of cultures, which takes a beautiful shape or an ugly shape entirely dependent upon the beautifying element of religion.  When religion is allowed to create the outer beauty, the culture is transformed into its purpose of divine nature.  Nations are forms created by God purposed to be transformed into vessels for the infilling of His Spirit and Will.  As His light fills the various forms in expanding multiplicity, such is the Light filled Kingdom born here on earth as it is on heaven.

Now the Silence, Now the Peace hymn


Now the silence, now the peace,
Now the empty hands uplifted;
Now the kneeling, now the plea,
Now the Father’s arms in welcome;
Now the hearing, now the power,
Now the vessel brimmed for pouring;
Now the body, now the blood,
Now the joyful celebration;
Now the wedding, now the songs,
Now the heart forgiven, leaping;
Now the Spirit’s visitation…
Now the Father’s blessing,
Now, now, now.





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