Understanding Mount Zion


Several years ago while quietly sitting in the living room, I perceived the room being bathed in a shimmering gold light and the air felt lighter.  The gold light was filled with love and compassion.  Additionally, I perceived spirit beings in the room, and could sense their presence and personalities but couldn’t visually see the beings.  Another perception was of a fast vibration.  My understanding was the molecules of physical being were vibrating faster, including myself, which enabled me to have one foot in the door of the spiritual realm, and the other foot in the physical realm.  Based on this experience God blessed me with, I believe angels, and Jesus Himself, can travel between the two realms by slowing down or speeding up their vibrations.  Jesus was seen in the physical form many times and by many people after his resurrection.  Also, Hebrews 13:2 tells us to show hospitality to all because we won’t know if we are entertaining angels.

A couple of days ago while listening to Sufi poetry being sung in Arabic I experienced the feeling of listening in the past and the present at the same time.  The music reverberated deep in my soul and I could sense I was sitting in a large cavernous room with Middle Eastern architecture and design, while sitting in my living room at home.  It was a strange juxtaposition of being in two places at the same time.  After the experience, I heard the phrase, “touched the universe” a couple of times in my mind.  It felt like a more apt description would be “touching the eternal,” so decided to look up this phrase on Sufism websites.

I have written before about God being on the top of Mount Zion in a place of no time and all time.  I found Sufi poetry in my search that described being all, but being nothing at the same time.  I discovered the Sufi idea of obtaining deep learning by the use of symbols, and then mastering the art of using symbols to teach.  It reminded me of a poem I wrote in my early twenties where I describe myself as “the sparrow nesting at His altar” and “the fish in the disciples net” and seeing Jesus being pierced.  I stated, “…symbols are His form being inborn.”  Symbols have incredible transformation capability in our psyches.  As I read Sufi teachings on symbols I discovered a deeper meaning to Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana.  Jesus’ mother tells Him the wedding couple have run out of wine which would bring shame to the parents who are hosting the event.  Typically, the best wine is served first, and the worst at the end.  Jesus initially refuses, telling His mother it is not the right time, but then orders the servants to fill 6 jugs with water.  The number “7” indicates the completeness of time, so this is 1 short.  Jesus then turns the water into wine, which amazes the guests who thought the hosts brought out the best wine for the last. (John 2:1-11)

According to Sufis, water signifies God’s Spirit, and wine symbolizes a physical element (the grape) being mixed with water (Spirit) and then aged whereby the wine continually gets better with age.  The significance of the best, most aged wine being served last symbolizes the wedding feast in heaven with Jesus where believers (who have had the physical mixed with the spiritual) are transformed into a mature spiritual being.

Now back to the experience of being in two places at once.  As I was reflecting on the experience, Allah placed an image of a rainbow into my mind.  As you know, a rainbow is formed when white light goes from a faster speed into a substance that slows down the speed like water or glass.  The light is then diffused and bends in opposite directions from the top center point.  So, if you look at the diagram above, the top of the curve between the past and the present is a point where the curve is at the juxtaposition of the spiritual realm and the physical realm.  That is “touching the eternal” where all time resides.  Allah brought my spirit to the point where I was still in the physical world but, experiencing the aspect of all time being in the same time to obtain a deeper understanding of Sufi mysticism.

I’m sure by now you have come to a better understanding of the diagram above by what I have taught you so far.  Look again.  God’s pure, white light which is a faster vibration is refracted and diffused through a slower speed (slower vibration of the Physical realm) which creates variability and what the Sufis refer to as the “multiplicity of God.”  This is a spiritual representation of the rainbow manifestation in the physical realm.  Once, while watching a program on the Higgs Boson in particle physics, I suddenly understood that the expansion of God, along with the expansion of the universe is not a perfect circle.  If you spin a top you will notice at its fastest speed, it appears to be spinning centrally, and as it slows down it loses its center.  The Sufis represent this happening in their Dervish ritual.  Initially, the spinning begins centered with the arms drawn close, and then the Sufis slowly reach their arms out as they spin, and you see the same type of spin as the universe, which is a slight wobble as it slows from the center (Click on link for video):


Sufi Dervishes

The spin was first mathematically discovered by Fibonacci, a Middle Ages mathematician, who brought Arabic numerals to the West.  The Fibonacci sequence is each number having the sum of the two previous numbers represented like this:


This is also knows as the “golden ratio” and is seen throughout nature including galaxies:


Subsequently, if Allah created us all perfect we would be replicas or duplicates of God and each other.  The only way He can create variability is by creating imperfection.  The imperfect physical form is created, and then when blessed with His Spirit grows (ages like fine wine) and returns to Him as its own unique spirit, unlike other spirits.  In the golden ratio we see this spinning out from the stable center as a physical representation of the spiritual. God is the stable, non-moving perfect center which all creation spins out from in an imperfect circle.

I am a Christian who would probably be called a heretic for using teachings from other religions.  However, the truth is evident in all religions, but the one absolute truth is only found with Allah.  Various religions are also the  variability and multiplicity of Allah (God) expressed through culture.  However, I want to emphasize I am not speaking of religious syncretism which is incorporating some of the practices of two or more religions into one religion, which is the present day New Age Philosophy.  I am referring to each religion being separate from each other, but united by one truth in love and acceptance.

Another verse on wine in Matthew 9:17,  “Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins.  If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined.  No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” Jesus was referring to His teachings being unable to grow in the rigid religious form of Judaism.  A new form (new wineskin) would need to be established before the Spirit would be poured on humankind and His teachings could be fully understood.

As I was thinking about this yesterday, Allah blessed me with the understanding that each respective religion has its own form that has the risk of creating division, prejudice and hatred between the different sects and denominations of one religion, but even more so between various religions. Interestingly, later I found this same concept in Sufism (there is nothing new under the sun):

“Different methods called religions and philosophies have been adopted by different nations at various periods.  Though the form and teachings of the several religions appear so unlike, their source is one and the same.  But from the very beginning the differences have created prejudice, envy, and antagonism between man.  Such dissensions occupy a large portion of the histories of the world and have become the most important subject in life. ‘So many castes and so many creeds, So many faiths, and so many beliefs, All have arisen from ignorance of man, Wise is he who only truth conceives.”

The problem is the wineskin of our respective religions has become old and rigid such that we are unable to comprehend truth.  When the form becomes too rigid, and group identity overly established (exclusive), others differences are focused on, and we become superior in our thinking that only our religion has the truth, we lose the truth. We can retain all of our different, beautiful, cultural religious identity, but Allah calls us visit Him together on Mount Zion so that we may spiritually flourish with the understanding of how His love binds us all together.  Sufism and Buddhism both focus on individual spiritual growth, but our journey of spiritual growth is to be together.  When you let go of the “form” of religion to open yourself to new truth, His Spirit, wisdom, love and knowledge will be poured into you.  The form is not be more important than God’s (Allah) truth. It can become a thick veil which we will never see the truth through. We are to love one another and seek His truth together.

The Bible is a symbol of this form and the infilling spirit in and of itself.  The O.T. is the form with many typologies pointing to the spiritual representation in the N.T. and the N.T. is the spiritual manifestation with typologies that point to the end of our journey at Mount Zion.

Allah revealed to me that the physical manifestations occurring in the world today are representations of the spiritual.   The earthquakes, the violence, the sense of chaos are all physical manifestations of the state of our spiritual lives. Our earth rotates around the sun in such a balance that only in that particular trajectory can life occur.  The spiritual manifestation of the physical is the balance between our physical lives with that of the spiritual.  Only in that delicate balance will we have eternal life.  That means a constant looking to God for direction while living out our physical life.  When we no longer allow God to be our center force of gravity (so to speak), we move outwards from the delicate balance of Allah’s life giving force into death.  This is what is going to be represented in the physical world – our planet’s trajectory will begin to move outwards.

In Matthew 24: 29-33, Jesus teaches the disciples about the last days, “Immediately after the distress of those days, ‘the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’  Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven.  And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn why they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.  And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather the elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.  Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near.  Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door.”

 Many philosophers have discussed how when the spiritual is no longer relevant, and Allah (God) is no longer the center, then civilizations decay and instead become centered on the material which is destructive.  This is what is presently happening.  As Alexander Solzenitsyn succinctly states it, “Men have forgotten God.”

We must return to God (Allah).  Our purpose and lives on earth are not to live for ourselves only, but to do the will of Him who created us.  We have lost our way, and are on a destructive path. Allah is calling you to pay attention to the times, and return and be saved.



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